Zebra indexing, Bib-1 Attributes, CCL, and more…

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to really elaborate today, but perhaps I will come back and explain later. Until then, here is a list of links…

Yaz-Client (for querying Z39.50 databases like Zebra)


Bib-1 Attributes


Bib-1 Attributes not supported in Zebra


Zebra Query Model


A bit of talk about how Koha and Zebra link together using CCL/PQF


CCL Special Attribute Combos


In terms of adjusting Zebra/Koha settings, you’ll want to look at:




Bib1.att lists and maps bib-1 attributes (default from the library of congress spec and special added ones for Koha)
Ccl.properties maps CCL to BIB1/PQF
Record.abs maps MARC fields to BIB1

Also, since it’s really hard to find information about how to construct PQF queries using BIB1…

There are 6 types of Bib-1 attributes. Each type has a variety of codes within that type. To create a query, you would type something like the following into Yaz or whatever else you’re using that utilizes PQF:

f @attr 1=4 computer

f stands for find in yaz

@attr stands for attribute (you need to write one of these for each attribute you’re creating)
1=4 stands for type 1: use attributes with a code of 4 for title
1=4 -> use attribute=title

It’s actually quite straightforward, but it’s quite rare to find it spelled out for you on the Web!