Ghostery, Adblock+, etc.

Had a colleague getting some Javascript security errors when trying that HTML5 game…

Obviously, the first suspects were browser security plugins, which reminded me that I haven’t looked extensively at all the different ones out there like Ghostery, Adblock, NoScript, Requestpolicy, etc.

I’ll have to do that sometime down the line (hmm, so many ideas, so little time). Until then, here is a short discussion about ghostery, adblock, and some others…

Looks like it might be an interesting blog for security in general…


The Guide on the Side

For all of you instructional librarian folk or anyone else doing online tutorials:

You might want to take a look at “The Guide on the Side”. It is software that allows you to add interactive (and easy to create) tutorials to your library resource web pages!

[Note: If you don’t have access to your own server, you’ll need someone to host the actual software for you it seems.]

Check out the University of Arizona’s JSTOR tutorial: