Koha and MarcEdit

I haven’t read much of “Terry’s Worklog“, but I came across it when I was doing some Koha-related research, and it seems like he’s up to some interesting work integrating Koha and MarcEdit.

Actually, it looks like he’s up to all sorts of interesting projects, but I just haven’t had the time to look too deeply…yet.

<edit date=”18 February 2013″>

After watching the video Using MarcEdit to Add Koha Items, I upgraded my MarcEdit instance and checked out some of the features. It looks like MarcEdit is even more awesome than I remember. There are all sorts of batch changes that you can do to MARC records using the tools in the MarcEditor.

I also noticed that MarcEdit can load MARC data from databases or via Z39.50/SRU or OAI.

It’s worth mentioning that the Koha API that Terry Reese mentions is the Koha HTTP API. He explains his interaction with the API in the following posts here and here.

It appears that the Koha API is primarily for retrieving, adding, and updating bibliographic and item records, and that searches can be done through a Zebra-based API where you can pass a query to Zebra via HTTP and have it return MARCXML records in response.